"A major function of the front and rear bumper assembly is to absorb and resist the energy in minor collisions and protect the rest of the vehicle structure from damage and designed to absorb energy in more severe crashes in order to protect the occupants. The front and rear structural components, including the rebar and absorber are designed to meet this requirement. Airbags are deployed when certain conditions are met. Algorithms for this, which are proprietary, are becoming more complex, with data to accommodate occupant characteristics and to prevent inappropriate airbag deployment. These algorithms are based on characteristics of the unique front bumper structure of the manufacturer's vehicle, including the front rebar and absorber. Consequently it is essential that the performance of ANY replacement rebar and absorber be comparable to the performance of the original equipment"

George Neat, Former NHTSA expert and Chief of the Vehicle Crashworthines Division, U.S. Department of Transportation Volpe National Transportation Systems Center.

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